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Would you Believe me if I Said?

  Photo by Yohann Lc on Unsplash Would you believe me if I said That I used to dread the life that I've led And everything I wished for, instead Is about to be read I used to dream my life was a show Filling stadiums row after row Everyone catching my flow Till my fame could no longer grow I wanted everything this world could bestow But then, to my surprise I learned that this came at a price Cause it wasn't okay for a niña nice To roll the dice, to have so much spice Everyone told me it just wasn't wise To pursue fortune and fame So my fantasies I had to tame Thinking like this brought me such shame I shouldn't be wanting so much acclaim I had to find a new aim So I focused on school On following every rule And obtaining every tool That would keep me from becoming a fool And while I said, "yeah, this is cool" Inside me, I knew I confessed it every Sunday on my pew That I longed to be part of the few Who were free enough to follow their own hue Change the worl